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Ball-Handling Drills For Basketball Beginners

You can improve your ball-handling skills by using drills. Unfortunately, there are many drills to choose from and it is difficult to decide which ones to use. It’s been a while since I used a ball handling exercise that has gotten me great results. Since they’ve existed for so many years, these drills continue to be very useful. If you are looking for the best basketball practice and community you can visit colorado club basketball

The Hundred Dribble is the first drill. This drill is meant to give you a better feel of the basketball. It will also help make handling it second-nature. For this drill, you would just stand at one point and dribble a basketball 100 times with your other hand. After that, you’ll dribble with your dominant side 100 times. The drill would be completed by dribbling one hundred times the ball with your dominant hand. If you are doing the drill, make sure that your fingertips tips dribble while your wrist snaps. Avoid dribbling the ball with your fingers.

Dribbling Jog will be the next exercise. With your dominant side, you will start from one end of the basketball field and jog to the other. After that, you’d switch your dominant hand to the non-dominant and continue with the drill. Use each hand to perform three sets. Dribble your finger tips, while keeping the head raised.