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How To Choose A Self-storage Facility?

A move to a new location requires a lot of decision-making. It’s important to consider whether or not you want to hire professional movers. Also, decide which company will provide moving services and which one can rent a moving truck. Self storage and mini storage companies are two options you can choose from if your items won’t easily fit into your new house. This means you need to make sure that the storage facility is up to standard. You can use the following factors in making a decision on your own brilliant storage:

It is also true that the old real estate joke “location location location” holds good for those who are looking to rent a storage facility. If you want convenience, it’s best to select a unit that’s close by and easily accessible via major roads. Crime rates in the surrounding area should be considered. You should choose a unit size that will allow enough room to accommodate all of your items and also some extra room in case more are needed after the move. You don’t need to worry about having to pay additional rent or break your agreement because you were not prepared when making your initial choice. Most of the time, 5′ x 5′ units will fit a couple boxes or a piece of small furniture. The largest unit is usually 10’x40′. This can hold the most part of an entire four bedroom home.

Climate control has become more popular in storage units. They are often located within a bigger building. It is important to note that climate-controlled units protect fragile items against heat, cold, and humidity far better than those without climate control. In addition, they are also more pleasant for workers in bad weather. Most of these units come at a substantial premium. 24-hour access is usually a feature of convenience. It’s nice to have but shouldn’t be the primary factor unless it will come in handy to get to your unit on weekends or holidays. You may also not need it if you intend to keep your goods in storage and don’t plan to have them accessed often.

* Monitoring security cameras : This extra security feature comes in handy if your items are expensive (I don’t suggest storing anything valuable inside of a unit). Be aware that the camera’s effectiveness is greatly reduced if it’s not monitored.

* Security officers on premises : This is similar to the above mentioned monitored security camera system, but it would be an additional bonus to have a security officer on-site if the guard spent their time actually patrolling all of the surrounding units. But if the facility is right, you can avoid this.

* Fire sprinkler system. A fire burning through an entire series of storage containers is a nightmare that you will want to keep away. In the unlikely event that this occurs, sprinklers are a good idea. But you should also protect any valuables from damage in case of an explosion. The damage caused by water is as bad, if not worse than that of fire.

* Insurance is Available. You should always make sure that all your valuables, and those kept in storage units are covered by insurance. The storage facility will offer insurance, which is convenient. But not all insurance covers the same things. Be sure to check what you will be covered for, if it is replacement value coverage or something else, and if your current homeowner’s policy applies.

Available payment methods.

* Cost. This consideration is obvious, however I put it last in the list due to a particular reason. You may find that your best facility isn’t the one with the lowest cost. When you are unable to rest at night due to the quality of storage, it is not a great bargain. The top factors for choosing the correct storage facility are listed above. Wishing you luck in your relocation!