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Understanding Cruelty, Absurdity and Other Behavior – Abnormal Psychology & Behavior

If you are trying to understand the inhumane behavior of cruel and insensitive people, you will find that you have an illusion that they know what you are doing. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know why tapping should be avoided

They seem to think logically, despite their brutal concepts.

When you are made their victim, you believe they knew exactly what they were doing to you and decided to hurt you. You feel hurt, and you want revenge.

But the sad truth is they didn’t know what was happening because they were dominated and controlled by their anticonscience. After my explanations you will see the difference and understand the absurd psychology of these cruel and insane people.

The anti-conscience, or the primitive and wild side our conscience, is not like our human side. It takes up the largest portion of our brain. Our brains are actually primates with very little human consciousness. The largest part of our brain is absurd and violent.

The anticonscience functions independently, meaning that the human side is not aware of what is going on in this part.

The anti-conscience is more powerful. It can not only see the human side of our conscience but also interfere with our thoughts.

Because it wants us to lose our sense of humanity and behave like animals, it continues to try to destroy our human side of our consciousness.

Only if we do not listen to the voices of our anti-conscience, will our human conscience be able to control our behavior. We will lose complete control of our behavior if we do what the anticonscience tells us to.

The anti-conscience may pretend that it is part our human side so that we believe its ideas are ours. This is how the anti-conscience manages to destroy human conscience. It will propose the most absurd ideas as logical solutions.

The anti-conscience can be described as a demon. While it did not evolve in the same way as us, the anti-conscience is quite capable. It can think well and can plan. It is foolish because its natural nature was altered by terrorism. However, it is intelligent and smart enough to be a fox.

This means that our brain has a terrible enemy that can cause mental illness in our minds and attempt to destroy it.

We must learn to control our anti-conscience and make it a positive aspect of our human nature. Dream therapy is the best way to achieve this. The therapy is very beneficial for most people and takes just a few weeks.

Although psychotherapy can take years, schizophrenic and psychological patients often find their peace and mental wellbeing in the end. Psychotherapy can cure depression, bipolar disorder and neurotic patients in as little as 8 months.