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Six Things Your Puppy Needs

Indoor kennels can be a great option for your puppy. You can easily fold it up and move it about. It can be carried with you when you visit relatives or friends. The indoor kennel serves as the pup’s refuge. If your pup becomes anxious after arriving home at night, you can place his indoor dog kennel upstairs. This will allow him to sleep beside you. It can be moved downstairs in the morning to the same spot. You will soon see him falling asleep if each night you move his indoor dog kennel to the exact same location. If you are looking for an amazing puppy with a verified breeder you can look it up on New Hampshire Golden Retrievers

Collar and Lead

These two items are essential. However, your dog will soon outgrow a collar. Choose a simple, nylon, or soft-leather neck collar. For the convenience of your puppy, a length of about 1 meter is ideal. A choke or checkchain can easily injure your pup’s neck.


There are many options available for dog toys. But you must ensure that your pup has a favorite toy. Toys such as shoes or slippers will not be allowed for your dog to reach. You can always swap out the toy your dog is using if he chews on it. But don’t let your dog get upset or fussy. You never know when he might try to imitate you.

Food Dishes

You have many choices of food and water options that you could offer your puppy. To start your puppy, you can get him a soup pot or an old plate. For adult dogs, you can give your dog a pair stainless-steel food bowls and water dishes. There are many choices of puppy food available, but your dog might outgrow them.

Dog Blanket

You can provide a blanket for your puppy to keep him warm in case he gets his hands wet. It is usually enough to keep your pup warm and cozy with a blanket you already have. You can help your dog adjust to his new environment by bringing his blanket to you when you bring him home from the breeders. The scent of his littermates and his mother will help him sleep at nights when he’s cozy in his blanket.

Dog Chews

Dogs enjoy chewing and chewing. There are many chews to choose from, but it’s best to give your dog a few options to help him find the one that suits his needs.